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Our service

An optimized development corresponding to your needs.

We make every effort to help small and large companies by offering a quality service, strong support, ideas for innovation and good humor.

For small and large companies

Whatever the size of your business, we will take the same care to meet your needs.

Quality service

We show you all the quality indicators that we use and re-scan them together as we go along. Security & Accessibility, GDPR, SEO.


It is through our passion for new technologies that we try to innovate with each project.


We support you through our expertise by bringing value for a long-term relationship.

Web & Mobile

Development of POC, web and mobile applications, cross-platform solutions in connection with your IT systems or everyday objects (IoT).

Web & Mobile

Front and back development, native or hybrid application, eCommerce site or business application, we adapt our developments, excelling in trendy technologies such as JavaScript.

Internet of Things

Sponsored by Techdata & Microsoft, we implement connected objects and the processing of their data to serve our customers.

Integration with your systems

You already have more or less complex IS systems, we integrate our applications and favor the links between them.

The accompaniment
at the center of our business.

Based on listening, the heart of our business is support in innovation and quality. It allows us to create a strong partnership relationship in which everyone is responsible for the progress and success of the project. We are one and the same team for the long term.

Agile support

We work hand in hand framed by agile working methods to increase involvement, reduce time to market and make your projects sustainable.


We advise you on the choices to be made and the elements to be implemented for the success of your projects.

Design Thinking

We meet and we agitate ideas through workshops.


We develop iteratively, and in complete transparency.

Still here

We accompany you, we maintain, we train you.

Ideas to innovate.

We do not have a standard offer because each project is unique.
What we love is understanding your business, pushing the limits and bringing our best ideas.
We provide you with a team passionate about new technologies that sees innovations in all trades.

Proof of Concept

An idea must sometimes exist to mature. This is why we offer simple Proofs of Concepts (POC) to our customers, in order to verify the technical and/or functional validity of an idea.


We develop our own ideas internally through research and development projects.

Innovation dans le développement

of our projects.

Baby’s Troc

Development of an eCommerce Progressive Web App for Baby's Troc shops. Synchronization with ERP Money Troc.

magasin besson chaussures

Besson Chaussures

Development of an application dedicated to Besson Chaussures staff for commercial operations.

Jobook travail


Realization of a Progressive Web App application for the simplified entry of hiring profiles.

Mobile Lab’s

Development of a showcase site with referencing. Implementation of modules for the recovery and repair of phones in React.

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Parce qu'un exemple vaut mieux qu'un long discours, venez découvrir quelques projets sur lesquels nous avons travaillé avec le plus grand plaisir.