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Becoms engineers at your service to analyze and certify the security of your infrastructure and your applications. An essential step to comply with the GDPR.

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expertise, advice, certification

With extensive experience in the field of IT security, we offer a consulting service to help companies move towards an infrastructure or development that is optimized and flawless in terms of security.

Optimization of your development

Audit of the code of your software and Web applications with a complete report of the improvements to be made on the maintainability, quality, security and performance of your development.

The Empire Strikes Back

We train your staff in good security practices such as the detection of fake emails or the password policy to respect. Result: 60% of cyber-attacks avoided.

An exclusive security label

Audit the IT security of your infrastructure and your software and applications and offer your company a security label that will reassure your customers.


sensible soul to withhold

is the number of French SMEs that are attacked each year

The main attack types are phishing, malware and ransomware. But digital transformation has accelerated these cyberattacks and now also targets your web applications with 77% having at least one vulnerability on first scan!

Choose the right team!

The choice of the team depends on the task you entrust to us.
This may be your business application developed on which you do not have access, in this case the red team is suitable. Or it can be your IT infrastructure as a whole and the choice of the Purple or the Blue team is ideal. We are here to guide you on this choice, do not hesitate.


The red team simulates the behavior of a malicious third party with no prior knowledge of your information system and trying to access it from the Internet. This audit is carried out without any prior information provided by the client.


With the BLUE team we put ourselves in the shoes of a defender, therefore internal to your company. We have access to the source code and any other elements that may affect the security of your web application


Mix of the Red team and the Blue Team, the PURPLE team passes all the parameters of your security. Whether internal or from an external point of view.

You are in sneakers, you
don't come in!

Many security solutions and products are offered by Becoms. And like in a nightclub, the doorman won't let you in if you don't meet the establishment's requirements.

  • Firewall / Firewall
  • Secure VPN and Remote Access
  • Authentication and access rights
  • Endpoint, Antivirus
  • Antispam, Phishing
  • Ultra-secure backup strategy
  • PRA report (return to activity plan)
  • Data encryption

Certified by security leaders.


Red team*
1500€with CWAS label included for 1 year
  • Analyze and report on the languages and architectures used for the code
  • Analysis, testing and reporting on security vulnerabilities
  • Full report with screenshots and descriptions of analyzes and tests
  • Recommendations


Blue team*
2500€with label included for 1 year
  • Analyze and report on the languages used for the code
  • Audit of code quality, maintainability and security
  • Assessment of the architecture in place authentication and secure access, availability, backup, data protection...
  • Presentation of a full report with screenshots and description of analyzes and tests