3 teams inone unified.

Business developer, technicians, developers,… many are the skills of the Becoms team to support you in your projects and in the development of your company towards digital.

The commercial team

Our sales team is there to advise you and support you in the development of your business. Thanks to their technical and personalized expertise, they will help you define the actions to be implemented to advance your digital projects.

The dev service

Our team of developers is made up of complementary profiles (full stack developers, project managers, IT engineers, DevOps, etc.) which allows us to respond to all the technical challenges and needs that we encounter.

The infra service

Our engineers and technicians from the infrastructure team manage the entire architecture of our customers' IT assets. Certified by the biggest brands, they support companies in their technological strategy.

You wishjoin us?

We are regularly looking for new commercial, technical, infrastructure or development profiles. Enthusiastic with a multitude of talents to reveal to us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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