Mobile Application.

Besson Chaussures.

An application dedicated to Besson Chaussures staff for commercial operations.


Replace a paper listing with a mobile application allowing to know the products concerned by commercial operations.


An Android mobile app featuring barcode reader and offline mode for easy use.


Analysis.Design.React Native development.Accompaniement.

All data in the pocket.

The app updates with new data on startup. Thus, it can update automatically for new business operations.

If the barcode scanner does not work, the user can consult the list of all the products concerned by the commercial operation and can also carry out a search for a particular product.

Besson Mobilité : liste des produits

A barcode scanner.

The main functionality of the application is a barcode scanner allowing to know if the scanned product is part of a commercial operation or not. A dot then indicates the discount to be applied to this product.

If the place is too dark, the user has the option of turning on the flash of the smartphone.

Besson Mobilité : scanner de code barres
Logo Besson Mobilité

Easy to use for Besson Chaussures staff.

The network is not always present in store, which is why the application can be used in offline mode.

Also, as the application data only concerns Besson Chaussures staff and partners, a code is requested when the application is started for the first time.

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