Progressive Web App.

Baby's Troc.

An eCommerce website offering advanced functionalities and a link with an ERP.


Redesign the showcase site into an online store with the possibility of purchasing through a mobile application.


A progressive web app allowing offline, notifications, online purchase. A node application allowing the automatic creation of products on the site based on the ERP.


Analysis.Design.Development.On-page SEO.Accompaniement.

A thought-out web appfor mobile.

By creating the site as a progressive web app, we offer additional features to the user: consultation of the site offline, notification of new products, the possibility of installing the application or simplified navigation.

Baby's Troc mobile

Purify the design forput forwardinformation.

Having a clear and simple interface on both mobile and desktop makes it possible to focus the user’s attention on the main thing: the products.

The product sheets present complete information, even for one copy: category, labels, brand, size, age, location and number of views.

Site Baby's Troc
Interface simplifiée Baby's Troc

An interface ofsimplified entry.

Woocommerce is not very attractive, we have developed a simplified interface easy to use on mobile allowing the modification of product information including photo taking.

An applicationwhich makes the connection betweenthe ERP and the web app.

We have developed a node app to automatically synchronize products and stocks from the ERP into the eCommerce application, thus saving time and avoiding copying errors.

Baby's Troc et son ERP

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